I Use Sarcasm Freely

May 5, 2009

We’re spinning fast; months seem like short, blurry streaks of color . Chains of conversations connected by six dollar cigarettes; I can’t help but think that all the idealistic romance of tobacco is ridiculous. The novel quality has dissipated, turning my lungs into overworked, underpaid workers in a factory. However, we don’t always learn and change from our mistakes and experiences, sometimes we just observe, absorb, and relish in the vivid memories that we hold close to our chests through the middle of the night, with our windows open, air unmoving. I think of my old friends sometimes, and why they are old. I think of my ex-girlfriends sometimes, and am reminded exactly why I’m passed that letter of the alphabet. We shouldn’t go backwards, we can never go backwards.

The girl I sleep with at night keeps me warm with her nails against my back and the sweet smell of her hair, yet I still sit on my porch staring off to space. The hours I put in front of a screen, in my head, print out onto card stock. The smell is incredible. It’s important to keep our pencils sharp and are pens full of ink. In a matter of time, you’ll see the environment is not what’s trapping you. That’s impossible! The mountains move to slow to catch you. You’ve forgotten how to tie your shoes and blame it on the store you bought them from. You’ve forgotten how to read and blame it on the book. You’ve forgotten the words to your favorite song and blame it on your speakers.

Rappers are good with words because they use them as weapons. Let’s make bombs out of words and fragments, and build cities with commas.


One Response to “I Use Sarcasm Freely”

  1. x Says:

    there are a few things in there that are exactly what i needed to hear.

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